Новини ресторану

One of the nicest parts of the trip is the opportunity to better know the local food. Ukrainian cuisine is incredibly diverse, we widely use vegetables, meat, grain. Each dish deserves your attention. Therefore, we especially recommend to try Ukrainian borsch, lard, dumplings, chicken Kyiv, cabbage roll, dishes from Ukrainian farmer’s meat. To refresh the […]

Gift to remember about Kyiv

We recommend to enjoy the taste of branded tinctures not only in the restaurant, but also to buy several bottles as a gift for friends, in memory of Kyiv. Choose your favorite among 15 kinds of brandy tinctures of the restaurant Pervak.

Kyiv Gramophone

Look for the tenth anniversary mini-sculpture of the Shukay project at the entrance to the restaurant Pervak. Gramophone – music. Press the button and you will hear the Kyiv anthem – “How Do not Love You, My Kyiv”. Kyiv Gramophone. History At the end of the 19th – at the beginning of the 20th century […]


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